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Ocean Gardens Inc is a not-for-profit incorporated association managed by an experienced Board and Senior Management. We want the Village to be a comfortable and highly desirable place to live. Our goal is to make Ocean Gardens the best retirement village in Perth.     

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This page displays a list of Service Fee charges for 2015/16 excluding LGA Rates, Household Water Rates, Gas & Electricity & Home Phone.

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Ralph Gore was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in August 2014 primarily to oversee future projects and developments. His role also entails resident communications on projects...

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The Board is responsible for governance, strategy, and the overall high-level management of the Village through the CEO. The Board comprises of six sitting Directors.

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Ownership & Governance

Ocean Gardens Village is owned and managed by Ocean Gardens (Inc), a not for profit organisation. Ocean Gardens (Inc) is an association incorporated in Western Australia under the Associations Incorporations Act 1987.

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The Village's primary source of funding is its share of the proceeds of sale. This money funds all major works and preventative maintenance in the village and the upkeep of villas and apartments. The village recently completed a major upgrade of its facilities and gardens which was funded by the Village's share of past sale proceeds around $7m..  Likewise the current upgrading of our TV, phone, data and Foxtel fibre connection to all the units is an additional expenditure on top of that..
We anticipate that your villa or apartment will grow in value at around the same rate as residential property in City Beach. However, when you sell your villa or apartment, under the Lease Agreement a significant part of the sale proceeds will go to Ocean Gardens as it does at the majority of villages in Western Australia.
Being a not-for-profit organisation, means that all our income is spent on the village. No dividends or other payments are made to investors or shareholders. When you buy a property in Ocean Gardens, you benefit from the money raised from all the previous property sales and when you sell your property you will contribute to the future health of the village..

When considering the financial consequences of moving to our Village, please keep in mind that the home you buy in Ocean Gardens will cost significantly less than purchasing a private residence in City Beach.   

And you will be purchasing not just a home in City Beach but also clubhouse style facilities, coffee lounge, bar area, restaurant, heated swimming pool and gym, with extensive gardens and many other facilities.

Also you will be living in a community with access to many services including 24 hour onsite emergency care. 

Buying a home in Ocean Gardens Village will not be the best financial investment you will ever make and it is not intended to be. But it may be the best investment that you can make for yourself at this time in your life.